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The Benefits of Ecocem Cement are…


Ecocem is the low CO2 cement. It is entirely recycled, and involves no mineral extraction. Its production generates virtually zero CO2 emissions and it delivers stronger, more durable and longer-last concrete.learn more »


Ecocem cement protects concrete structures from aggressive chemicals, delivering enhanced durability, and protects against thermal stresses during curing. It delivers stronger, denser and less permeable concrete, significantly enhancing the life-cycle of structures.learn more »


Ecocem cement gives concrete a much lighter and brighter colour, with a smoother and more uniform surface finish. It prevents the occurrence of efflorescence staining. It greatly increases the reflectance (albedo) of concrete. learn more »

Embodied CO2

What is it?

Embodied CO2 is the quantity of CO2 emitted in the manufacture, supply and construction of a building or structure.

The Embodied CO2 in Irish construction projects accounts for between 10% and 15% of all CO2 emissions in Ireland.

Ecocem Cement can reduce the embodied CO2 of the average structure by 25% making it the Best Available Technology (BAT) for reducing embodied CO2 in the construction industry. find out more »

Sustainable Material

What is it?

Sustainable development is “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” from the World Commission on Environment and Development’s (the Brundtland Commission) report Our Common Future (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987).

Reduced CO2 Emissions – Fight Global Warming

For every tonne of Ecocem cement used, almost 900 kgs of CO2 are saved. Using Ecocem save 100,000’s of tonnes of CO2 annually in Ireland, helping tackle climate change leading to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Ecocem is 100% Recycled

Ecocem cement is made from 100% recycled material. The use of Ecocem in Ireland is annually conserving 100,000’s tonnes of natural resources leading to a more sustainable future for generations to come

Ecocem Doubles the Life of a Structure

Replace traditional cement with Ecocem cement in the concrete and double the life of the structure. Doubling a structures life halves its environmental impact. find out more »

Client Video

Brian Madden

Bridges & Rail Projects
O’Connor Sutton Cronin Consulting Engineers

DW EcoCo have specified and recommend Ecocem in all its projects since it first came to our attention. Ecocem’s sustainability credentials are second to none in the construction industry. The use of the Ecocem significantly reduces the embodied CO2 of the project. The embodied CO2 or embodied energy is the emitted CO2 used in the manufacture supply and construction of the building. We’ve been involved in many large projects over the past few years and have won several competitions including the new dept of the environment office building in Wexford. The use of Ecocem on this project has saved 870 tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of taking about 200 cars off the road for a year. In addition the contractor has taken the extra step and used Ecocem’s carbon neutral concrete. Our client’s projects will benefit by being future proofed against any carbon taxation that is implemented to tackle climate change. Our sustainable design consultancy will continue to promote Ecocem as part of an overall sustainable strategy.

Jay Stuart

Managing Director
DW EcoCo
Integrated Sustainable Design Consultants

OCSC specify the use of GGBS for a number of reasons. Most of these are technical, some are architectural but we are always conscious of the environmental advantages of using Ecocem. One particular project that we are involved in is the NCC in Dublin, where over 6,000 tonnes of CO2 have been saved by the use of Ecocem on this project. On the CC site we also specified GGBS for technical reasons. Ecocem greatly reduces the effect of thermal cracking on large concrete pours. Ecocem also increases the resistance of concrete to the effects of sulphate and chloride attack and also increases the resistance of the concrete to the ingress of water. OCSC are happy to continue to specify GGBS on our projects in the future.