Calculate Environmental Benefits

Calculate Environmental Benefits

The calculator will allow you calculate the environmental benefits of specifying/using Ecocem cement in your concrete. The calculator will tell you the scale of the savings of:

  • CO2—in absolute numbers and in car and acres mature forestry equivalents
  • SO2
  • NOX
  • CO
  • PM10
  • Electricity—number of houses equivalent
  • Natural resources (limestone and shale)

This information can then be used to demonstrate sustainability in planning applications, to interested 3rd parties, in your CSR policies. It will also help when you or your clients are looking to sell/rent/lease your developments. It will demonstrate how you are future proofing against competition for green developments in the future. It will also show how you are helping fight climate change, which may be single greatest issue facing us in the next 10 years.

Using the Calculator

There are only 3 entries required to get a result:

  • The concrete volume on the project
  • The cement content of the concrete (this figure is the overall content i.e. the ordinary cement and the Ecocem content combined—we have listed a default value)
  • The % Ecocem in your concrete—we have listed a default percentage