As well as the many architectural benefits of using GGBS, the lighter colour achieved is of benefit in areas where improved visibility is required. Concrete is additionally being used to fill an aesthetic role in modern construction. As concrete is more frequently being used in green buildings, concrete made with Ecocem GGBS is lighter in colour and easier to get a superior finish.

Ecocem GGBS has the added advantage of supressing or eliminating efflorescence.

Lighter colour

Ecocem GGBS cement is a near-white powder. It imparts a lighter, brighter colour to concrete, in contract to the stoney grey colour that is achieved with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

The near-white colour of GGBS concrete permits architects to achieve a lighter colour for exposed fair-faced concrete finishes, at no extra expense. In order to achieve the lighter colour of concrete, GGBS is usually specified at 50-70% replacement levels.

Superior Finish

Ecocem GGBS provides a cost neutral real alternative for those seeking a high quality light coloured finish. Ecocem’s GGBS is also a finer powder than OPC which allows a smooth more defect free surface to be achieved.

Ecocem’s GGBS is available from ready-mix concrete producers across Ireland and the UK.

Efflorescence Reduction

Efflorescence, is one of the most persistent, insidious problems affecting concrete appearance.

Efflorescence, or the staining of concrete surfaces by calcium carbonate deposits, is one of the most persistent, insidious problems affecting concrete appearance. However using GGBS can eliminate this problem.

GGBS results in a denser, much less porous concrete. Therefore any lime in solution is unable to make its way to the surface of the concrete, due to the lower permeability of GGBS Concrete. GGBS is effective in preventing efflorescence when used at a replacement level off 50-60%.