Ecocem cement ensures the ultimate performance of your concrete. Concrete made with Ecocem cement is of equal or greater strength than that made with Ordinary Portland Cement.  Ecocem GGBS has been proven to double its 28 day strength after 10-12 years.

The superior performance of Ecocem cement ensures you achieve the best value for money and sustainability in construction for more information contact our technical team (link to technical support page)

Ecocem GGBS will future proof your project against changes due to climate change and ensure the increased life span of your project.  Benefits include protection against:


Ecocem offers your project the ultimate durability. Ecocem’s increased durability ensures that you are getting the best value for money in your project and reduces the repairs required in the long term.

The greater durability of concrete made with GGBS will extend the service life of concrete.

Chemical Attack

Chemicals such as Chlorides and Sulphates can attack the structure of cement and thus causing damage to the structure.

Using Ecocem GGBS increases the durability of the cement and protects the structure for longer in comparison to Ordinary Portland Cement. Due to its ultimate performance Ecocem cement is widely specified in harsh environments such as marine environments and roads and is commonly specified by the National Roads Authority.


Ecocem GGBS offers improved uniformity, workability, pumpability and compaction properties in concrete.

As Ecocem GGBS is ground more finely than Ordinary Portland Cement this ensures that the concrete creates a larger volume of cement paste making it easier to work, pump, place and compact.

Thermal Mass Benefits

To find out about the thermal mass benefits of Ecocem GGBS please contact a member of our technical team here.