Father Collins Park, Donaghmeade, Co.Dublin

By amcgrane@ecocem.ie , 11 May 2016 in

Father Collins Park is Ireland’s first wholly sustainable park. Opened in 2009, the park has the capacity to be entirely self-sufficient. The project included enabling works including significant earth moving ground works and civil engineering works. The concrete used in the park incorporated 70% GGBS provided by Ecocem saving over a hundred tonnes of CO2 and providing a beautiful finish that enhances the aesthetics of the park.


Project Highlights

Row of wind turbines and

Construction on the park began in

Architects: Abelleyro and Romero

Engineers: O Connor Sutton Cronin

GGBS Inclusion: 70% provided by Ecocem


Central lake which is 5 wind turbines have been incorporated into the project. – Providing power for all the parks integrated systems, lighting, water features and general park management.

Higher percentage of GGBS which has reduced emissions and improved the technical performance.

This landmark public park forms the heart of the wider community, designed to serve diverse ages and interests and to link with green spaces and pedestrian networks in the area. Father Collins Park is a wonderful facility that will attract visitors from near and far for years to come


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