Cleantech for Europe Virtual Summit

By Lynn Lambe , 9 September 2021 in General News

The European Union has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to lead the race to net zero.

As policymakers enact ambitious decarbonisation targets, EU cleantech innovators are paving the way for a new climate and industrial leadership.

To seize this leadership, the EU must learn to scale up its clean technologies and create the conditions for wide adoption and a just transition. Cleantech’s new series of events is bridging the gap between the innovation and policy worlds. Each quarter, cleantech CEOs and investors share the stage with leading policymakers to discuss the EU’s future.

At this quarters summit, Ecocem Ireland’s founder and CEO, Donal O’Riain joined a roundtable panel discussion on “Demos to scale, from cleantech to climate and industrial leadership”. The EU has become a hotspot for early-stage clean technologies. But innovators trying to scale up across the EU are facing a lack of demand signals and fragmented markets, leading many to relocate to other regions in search of growth. Can policymakers and innovators work together to create a new climate and industrial leadership for the EU?

Watch the full event below for more.


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