Climate plan is set to boost market for low-carbon cement

By Lynn Lambe , 6 April 2021 in Case Products

New laws that create carbon ceilings for industries as part of the Government’s climate action bill are set to boost demand for cement that is produced with lower emissions, according to a key player in the market.

We’ve seen the benefits of it already. I’d like to see a real legal driver by 2022,” said Susan McGarry, managing director of  Ireland Ecocem.

“That’s going to drive change in the industry. That’s going to drive the cement sector in Ireland to find alternatives to try and lower their emissions, to adopt our product.”

Ecocem manufactures ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS), a byproduct from steel-making, which is essentially half as polluting as normal cement.  It has been used to help build the Aviva Stadium and the Convention Centre Dublin, and the company is now eyeing the residential housing market.

“There’s movement happening here. This is going to go from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘have to have’,” said Ms McGarry.

Ecocem is telling its customers to make changes now, before the climate bill comes into law. One of its Galway-based customers, a cement block manufacturer, is already seeing demand for GGBS.

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