Customer Spotlight – FLI Carlow

By Lynn Lambe , 14 June 2021 in General News

FLI Carlow, a long-standing and dedicated Ecocem Ireland client, provides the construction industry with innovative off-site semi-modular, modular, and volumetric precast concrete solutions. FLI Carlow leverages the benefits of off-site construction to provide concrete solutions to their clients in the Water, Transportation, Energy, Data, Aviation, and Residential sectors throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Mainland Europe.


FLI Carlow recently completed a project for Anglian Water that included the specification of Ecocem GGBS. Here, Colm Byrne, General Manager at FLI Carlow, speaks with Ecocem Ireland about his experience specifying Ecocem GGBS.


“In 2020, FLI Carlow was contracted by Anglian Water to design and manufacture a semi- precast storage reservoir, de-chlorination chamber, and valve chamber. To ensure that all aspects of the project were covered, 1242 tonnes (477m3) of precast product were produced. When we began the project, we knew the products needed to be able to withstand potentially harsh chemical environments and be durable enough to provide the client with peace of mind and extended design life. We knew immediately that Ecocem GGBS would have to be incorporated into our concrete mix design.”


With this in mind, FLI Carlow specified a mix design that contained 50% Ecocem GGBS. Colm continues, “By specifying 50% Ecocem GGBS, all technical requirements were met, including durability, chemical resistance, and longevity, assuring us that the right product was selected for this demanding project”. The precast products for the project were manufactured over a seven-week period.


The incorporation of Ecocem GGBS ensured that the finished product also met with the client requirements for sustainability, reducing the embodied carbon by around 73 tonnes. This is the equivalent of growing aver 1800 trees for 10 years or taking your car off the road for around 600,000 km. FLI Carlow are renowned for their commitment to quality in all aspects of their bespoke precast solutions, from design to delivery earning them their worthy reputation as one of the leading precast providers in Ireland, UK and Europe.


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