Ecocem Continue International Expansion with Nordic Mining Giant Boliden Mines.

By , 22 September 2016 in General News

Ecocem have today announced a domestic an international collaboration with Nordic Mining Giant Boliden that will see Ecocem supply mines in both Ireland and Sweden in this landmark deal.

The two mines concerned by this deal are Boliden Tara Mines in Ireland, Europe’s largest Zinc mine, and Boliden Garpenberg, Sweden’s oldest yet most cost effective and modern mine.

Ecocem have entered into an agreement with the Port of Gavle, 170km north of Stockholm and the nearest Port to the Boliden Garpenberg mine. The Port of Gavle has built an import terminal to unload ships, and transfer the Ecocem product to trucks destined for the mine. The new facility will accommodate approximately 8,000 tonnes.

Ecocem manufacture a unique, low carbon product for Boliden Tara Mines tailored exactly to their specifications, to maximise the efficiency of the backfilling process. When material is extracted from the mines, the voids created have to be backfilled and this is where Ecocem’s low carbon cement is used.

The non-valuable materials are separated from the ore and mixed with Ecocem to be then pumped back into the mine to fill the voids. Ecocem is preferred in these situations as it will stabilise the soils, enable to materials to be pumped further (these mines can be 1.5km below ground!) and has a much lower impact on the environment than traditional cement – every tonne of Ecocem used saves approximately a tonne of CO2 emissions.

Once the product is made, the logistics are straightforward: Ecocem simply load trucks that make the short trip to Tara. Getting the material to Sweden requires a more onerous process.

Conor O’Riain, MD of Ecocem Ireland commented: “Ecocem Ireland are very proud to be associated with one of Europe’s oldest and biggest mining companies. Boliden’s environmental performance and ambitions are very much in line with our own, and we feel that these contracts represent a strong vote of confidence on the consistency of performance and service that Ecocem deliver”

“These agreements are initially for three years, with options for extensions, giving Ecocem a solid base domestically and an excellent opportunity to pursue other opportunities in the Swedish market.”

The Port of Galve today welcomed Orla O’Hanrahan, Ambassador of Ireland to Sweden to officially open the import terminal.

This announcement follows the news of Ecocem’s latest partnership with the world’s largest steel manufacturers ArcelorMittal with a joint investment of over €47 million to open a manufacturing facility in Dunkirk, France.



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