Ecocem’s revised EPD note’s a carbon footprint reduction of 24%

By , 26 April 2019 in Case Products


Ecocem Ireland publish revised Environmental Product Declaration

Ecocem Ireland recently published a revised Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) for its low carbon GGBS cement. EPDs are third party verified documents prepared by a manufacturer to set out the various environmental impacts of their products in a clear and transparent manner.

Ecocem Ireland’s Ground Granulated Blastfurnace slag (GGBS) cement is the only cement verified with an EPD in Ireland and the UK. Ecocem strongly advocate transparency in terms of the environmental impacts of construction products. Ecocem Ireland published its first EPD in June 2014, which in the absence of an Irish-based EPD system, was certified in Holland for use across Europe.

Pat Barry (IGBC) and Susan McGarry (Ecocem)

In 2017 IGBC began developing its EPD Ireland programme to enable Irish Manufacturers develop EPD and allow specifiers find these on a centralised database. Ecocem published their revised EPD through the EPD Ireland programme.

Ecocem already held the position as the lowest, independently verified carbon footprint for a cement in Ireland (42KgCO2/t) but further improved this position by approximately 24% in 2019, achieving a carbon footprint value of 32KgCO2/t. To put this in perspective, the carbon footprint for ordinary portland cement, the most commonly used cement, is approximately 900KgCO2/t (Ecocem’s GGBS being 96% lower).

The best means of reducing the embodied carbon of a structure is to understand the level of embodied carbon for each of the products specified in the structure. The most accurate, simple and effective way of doing this in Europe is to reference products published on certified EPD databases. Each product on the database is assessed under the EN 15804 standard and the resulting EPD verifies the environmental impacts of the product across a number of predefined categories. This system enables specifiers to simply search and compare products to ensure the best performing product can be established.


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