What is Ecocem Cement (CEM III/A)

Ecocem Cement (CEM III/A) is a specially formulated blend of traditional cement and a minimum of 50% Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) that is EN 197-1 certified CEM III/A 42.5N cement.

Its unrivaled strength, durability and low heat properties make Ecocem CEM III/A ideally suited to marine, agricultural and chemically aggressive environments as well as deep pour foundations such as wind farms. The whiter colour and smoother finish achieved with Ecocem CEM III/A make it the cement of choice for architectural concrete.

Who can use Ecocem Cement (CEM III/A)

Ecocem CEM III/A is suitable for applications including Ready-mix, SCC, lean-mix, CBM, blocks and structural and small precast concrete products.


Using Ecocem (GGBS) in concrete means a stronger and more durable finished concrete with less environmental impact. This means it can be used in the most aggressive environments, such as exposure to chlorides and sulphates meaning it is longer lasting in marine, agricultural and chemically aggressive environments. Ecocem CEM III/A also lowers heat of hydration and reduces the risk of thermal cracking.

Ecocem (GGBS) is the Best Available Technology for reducing the environmental impact of cement. To find out how much you will save on your project, please click here.

To find out how Ecocem (GGBS) can be best be used in your sector, please click on the relevant link below. To find out more on specializing Ecocem CEM III/A in your project contact a member of our technical team

Sectors that use Ecocem Cement