Ecocem Next Generation Cement is the best available technology for producing low carbon durable farm concrete.

Ecoem is made from a unique combination of low carbon and traditional cement to produce a high-performing cement that can be used in the toughest settings. In particular the farm environment which can be very demanding on concrete and rendered surfaces. Exposure to silage effluent and cleaning fluids, along with mechanical abrasion from vehicles and livestock can cause significant damage.

Increased long term strength and durability against chemical attack makes Ecocem the ideal product for use in agricultural environments to ensure the increased life span of your concrete. Ecocem has been proven to be three times more resistant to silage effluent than traditional Portland cement.

Ecocem cement is perfect for:

  • Silage Pits
  • Farm Yards
  • Milking Parlor’s
  • Pig Units
  • Sheds
  • Slurry Tanks
  • Sheep Sheds
  • Grain Stores

Why use Ecocem Next Generation Cement in Agricultural Projects?

  • Greater Strength – Ecocem is the strongest cement available in Ireland providing long-term protection for your structure.
  • Protection Against Silage Effluent – Ecocem is three times more resistant to silage effluent than a concrete with traditional cement
  • Maximum Durability – The strongest, longest-lasting cement available in Ireland.

View our agricultural case studies to see Ecocem in use.