From social amenities, educational centers and sports grounds Ecocem offers a whiter, brighter finish and increased durability of your project.

Ecocem offer assistance from technical assistance on issues such as mix design specification to site visits and knowledge on Green Building Rating systems to ensure that Ecocem cement achieves all relevant credits for your recreational project.

We have been specified in many large scale sporting, social and educational projects across Ireland including the Aviva stadium, Father Collins Park and Dun Laoighre Library.

Why use Ecocem cement in your sport/ education or social project?

Ecocem is the strongest most durable cement on the market offering:

  • Resistance to all forms of chemical attack
  • Increased durability minimizes repair requirements
  • Whiter brighter color, reducing the need for atrifical lighting in public areas.
  • Improved workability for finishing and render works
  • Up to 60% reduction in carbon footprint
  • Contributing to LEED and BREEAM building rating systems.

View our sport, social and educational case studies to see Ecocem in use.