The design, construction and maintenance of maritime structures often requires a range of different solutions to land-based structures.

Maritime structures are exposed to a more severe environment, and works are strongly affected by the sea, with particular constrains imposed by both tides and wave action. Ecocem’s increased resistance against chemical attacks and chloride penetration make the ideal cement for use in these environments.

Where Ecocem GGBS is specified at a replacement level of  70-80% in tidal and splash zone areas is particularly effective in the prevention of the deterioration of the concrete. Ecocem has been specified in a number of marine projects across Ireland including Greystones Harbor, Dunshaughlin Water Tower and Redcar Sea Defence Units amongst others.


Why use Ecocem Cement in your Maritime Project?

Ecocem is the strongest most durable cement on the market it offers superior benefits such as:

  • Resistant to all forms of chemical attack
  • Increased durability minimizes repair requirements
  • Whiter brighter color
  • Improved work ability
  • Up to 60% reduction in carbon footprint

View our marine case studies to see Ecocem in use.