Preserving for future generations is an integral part of the Ecocem ethos but it also relies increasingly on the use of low carbon power and renewable technologies.

Ecocem has been well established within this sector and is now specified by many of the major developers within the power and utilities sector. Ecocem’s knowledge and expertise has been used across the renewables industry including wind farms, biomass and waste to energy projects such as the Covanta Indaver – Waste to Energy Incinerator and the Whitegate Power Station.

Why use Ecocem cement in your power and utilities projects?

Ecocem is the strongest most durable cement on the market and boasts a number of key features including:

  • Contributing to LEED and BREEAM building rating systems.
  • Resistant to all forms of chemical attack
  • Increased durability minimizes repair requirements
  • Whiter brighter color
  • Improved workability for finishing and render works
  • Up to 60% reduction in carbon footprint

View our power and utilities case studies to see Ecocem in use.